The five manual errors of Juan Carlos’s visit to Spain: the London-Sanxenxo connection

If from Casa Real they sought discretion for the second visit of Juan Carlos I to Spain, the objective has not been achieved by far. No low profile or anything. We will see the port of Sanxenxo transformed into a television set and the Ría de Pontevedra full of cameras. This is the chronicle of a series of errors that come from behind.

There are a few hours left for the King Emeritus to land, on Wednesday the 19th in the morning, at the Peinador de Vigo airport and the media and social expectation has been replicated in Vigo, in Sanxenxo and in all of Spain. It is the same journalistic alert that we had last year. First error.

Coincides it is momentum informative of the emeritus with that of Charles IIIwho also lives his momentum Two weeks after his coronation. During these previous days, London prepares to receive all the European royalty, heads of state and presidents. The City has become a world-class stage, which gives Don Juan Carlos wings and, above all, gives him focus. He places you within international photography. In other words, in the key of discretion, second error.

The non-confirmation of his agenda in London

His strictly private meeting with the head of the Windsor house has been preceded by contradiction and uncertainty (that there is lunch, that there is no lunch). In fact, it is known that this Tuesday the 18th there was a meeting between the two, but not at what time. In all probability the content of this meeting will not transcend nor will there be images. This lunch thing has also been a communication error. Because however strictly private it may be – and even if it does not appear on the official agenda – non-confirmation does not help to inform.

The image of the emeritus surprised us on Twitter leaving the super exclusive Oswald club, as published by the Daily Mail. Another date in the City.

The emeritus is a footballer

The emeritus is a soccer fan and is also scheduled to go to the box at London’s Stamford Bridge stadium. There, at 9:00 p.m., Real Madrid faces Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. His British agenda has been in the air since minute one. Everything was planned, but nothing confirmed. Other error. And there are four.

And we’re off to the coronation. Why were Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía invited to the ceremony and did not travel to London? What connection is there between London and Sanxenxo?

The enthronement of King Carlos, on May 6, is only a few dates before the regional elections on Sunday the 28th. There was an intention on the part of the Royal House that the former head of state not visit Spain on the previous dates. The photo of Juan Carlos sailing aboard the Bribón sailboat in the middle of the electoral campaign was avoided. In the end it has been yes or yes. Juan Carlos wanted to haggle in the estuary and he is going to haggle. But this desire to meet with his friends has come at a cost. It seems that this cost has been falling off the list of guests at the coronation of Carlos III. The emeritus will not travel to London, as confirmed by Casa Real through Efe.

However, according to The country this Tuesday the 18th, citing The Times, the emeritus and his wife are included in that list that gives them admission to Westminster. Again we use the formula is planned for lack of confirmation.