The five keys that have Cádiz in sixth position

Cádiz is going through a great moment of play that is reflected in the results. The Cervera players have adapted perfectly to the category and after the dispute of the first seven league games, the yellows remain in European posts. Although some teams still have games to play, it is significant that the Cadiz team is in such a high position in these early stages of the championship. The keys to this sixth place are several: competitiveness, defensive balance, the new game scheme, versatility of Álex Fernández and the numbers away from home.

Cadiz Shield / Flag


The season started in the worst possible way with an incontestable defeat against Osasuna by 0-2. Beyond the result, what was worrying was the way it happened, with a reality check of what this category is, in which you cannot neglect for a single minute: two defensive failures, two goals. Seen and unseen, that corrective helped the team to wake up and since then it has led the competition by flag. Three wins, two draws and one defeat are the balance after the match on the first day. The remaining defeat was against Sevilla and this came in the 90th minute, when they conceded the second goal.

Defensive balance

Without a doubt, Cádiz's strong point is its defensive balance, what has led him to add four days without conceding a goal (the one more than First, along with Getafe, Osasuna, Atlético and Real Sociedad). One is in charge of Cifuentes and three, of Ledesma. The Argentine scared away the goal debate after his debut at San Mamés, where the team played for many minutes with two fewer players and where despite this, he kept a clean sheet. To this must be added the solidity that Cala, Marcos Mauro and Fali are showing. The latter has been in the eleven for two straight games, after the Argentine's injury, and has been unshakable.

New game scheme

Álvaro Cervera's preferred scheme for a while now has been 4-2-3-1, with a strong predilection for exits to the counter attack by bands, taking advantage of the speed of the extremes. However, As a result of the promotion to Primera, together with the arrival of Negredo, the coach decided to change the scheme to a 4-4-2, with “Negredo setting defenses and Lozano running”, as the coach himself argued in the previous Villarreal match. This brings a new dynamism to the attack, with a Lozano more freed from his old functions. And the truth is that the formula has paid off and both players have developed an unexpected chemistry in so few days. Against Real Madrid, Negredo assisted and Lozano scored the winning goal.

Versatility of Álex Fernández

If there is one thing that has become clear in recent seasons, it is that Álex Fernández plays well regardless of where Álvaro Cervera puts him. Accustomed to performing in the double pivot or as a playmaker, With the change in the system, the coach has begun to place the Madrid player on the left wing of the Cadiz attack. This is a saying, because despite starting in that demarcation, it continues to appear in the center of the field to create play. The midfielder, the team's top scorer last season with 13 goals, it is irreplaceable.

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Heat map of Álex Fernández, against Villarreal.

Numbers away from home

Nine of the eleven points have come in the games away from Carranza. Cádiz is the second best visitor in the category (The first is Real Madrid, which has ten with one more game). Those from Cervera have won in the field of two of the biggest teams in Spain (Real Madrid and Athletic) and in the field of Huesca. The only downside, and where it should be improved, is in the home games. The yellow ones miss their fans and it is that since the pandemic arrived, they have only won one match of the ten they have played in their fiefdom.