The film arrest of Cándido Conde-Pumpido: a locksmith, a desperate mother and a bag of cocaine

The scandal carried out by the ex of Lara Dibildos continues to make headlines. This Wednesday, videos from inside her house came to light showing the behavior of the complainant (who banged on the door of the house to enter it once she was thrown out onto the street) and also new information about her statements. , as well as the arrest of the accused. According to the police report, Cándido Conde-Pumpido He didn’t answer the intercom at home or his mobile phone and his mother showed up there suddenly, completely desperate.

The woman told them that her son suffered from mental problems, that he was undergoing treatment and that he had not responded to their calls for hours. She feared that something might have happened to her, she even spoke of a self-inflicted attempt, so they called an ambulance and a locksmith to force the door. With the first noises from the specialist at the door, Conde-Pumpido began to shout “Who’s there?” The police report reflects the lawyer’s explanation: he was asleep, that is why he had not responded, but he was fine. However, his mother asked that he be taken to a hospital and before doing so, the police searched him: He had a lighter in his sock and a bag of cocaine in his shoe.

Conde-Pumpido was admitted to the hospital and spent the night there. Once stabilized, he was taken to the courts and entered the cells, waiting to meet with the judge on duty, who released him without precautionary measures.

Lara Dibildos’s ex was admitted to the hospital again last weekend, this time in a center specialized in psychiatric problems. His entourage assures that he has been dragging them for years, but the stress and anguish derived from this situation have aggravated the symptoms. For this reason, Cándido was absent last Tuesday from the court date in which he was to ratify his testimony. His complainant, a Brazilian woman, also did not appear although she did not even make excuses.