The fighter’s red beret for Princess Leonor: new stage in La General

Completed the combatant phase. Leonor and her fellow La General cadets have received the red beret grancé after having completed the Combatant Training Module training. Some between us that the 613 new students have carried out on muddy combat tracks and with the HK assault rifle weighing 3.3 kilos.

The eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia and the rest of her classmates have received the beret grancé in an event that took place on Saturday, September 9. This has been reported from the official MADOC account of the Army with the Zaragoza AGM label.

The heiress faces two events on her military agenda: the symbolic ceremony of the handing over of sabers, on September 19; and the Flag Pledge, on October 7. On Friday the 20th of the same month, Leonor will present the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo, awarded by the foundation that she presides over.