The “fight of the titans” between Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Valdés: “If she speaks…”

New details about the unexpected break between the Madrid artist and the Cuban painter, four years after starting their relationship. The gap between Alejandro Sanz y Rachel Valdes It is the result of a long period of crisis watered with many discussions and the outcome has not been, far from it, friendly: “It’s a fight of the titans, a fight of egos.”

The closest environment affirms that the relationship between Alejandro and Rachel “already started badly, because it overlapped with another. Rachel has a lot of character and did not facilitate Alejandro’s relationship with Rachel Pererathe mother of his children”, they have said in Public mirror. “It has been a war of the titans, a war of egos that ended with a relationship.”

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the Cuban He left the Somosaguas mansion where he lived with Sanz a week ago, although the move has not yet been finalized. On Saturday the 3rd, Valdés distanced himself from his ex and took an Ave to Barcelona with his son, where he will take refuge in the coming weeks. The same day, Alejandro kicked off his Spanish tour in Pamplona, ​​where he thanked his fans for their support: “Never forget how important it is to be close to the people you love.”

The situation is very tense between them and people close to them fear that information about what happened could leak, as it would not benefit the singer at this very delicate moment: “He won’t talk, but if she did talk, she’d open a lot of melons.”