The fight between Matt Brown and Colby Covington is over after UFC 296. “I think I speak to everybody when I say that we don’t care when we see himself again or not.”

The fight between Matt Brown and Colby Covington is over after UFC 296. “I think I speak to everybody when I say that we don’t care when we see himself again or not.”

The always-loud supporter of Donald Trump limped out of the T-Mobile Arena within Las Vegas to a chorus of boos after a badly beaten opponent.

He had made horrible comments about Leon Edwards’ late father during a pre-fight press conference and didn’t do well in his third attempt to become undisputed welterweight champion.

UFC CEO Dana White even said that Covington looked “slow and old” during his bout, which doesn’t exactly give us faith that the 35-year-old rival has won over his boss enough for another shot at the belt.

Even though Covington has been tough since losing his third fight in five, Brown, a fellow UFC welterweight, still wants to praise Edwards instead of blaming his opponent for a lackluster fight last Saturday night.

A new episode on The Fighter vs. The Writer had Brown say, “I think we’re taking a little bit of credit toward Leon when we say [Colby looked bad].”

“Because I also thought Leon looked great. He was patient, stayed true to his purpose, fought with a plan perfectly, and didn’t let Colby get going either.” Even though Colby looked awful, I’m not very sure it was him. I think it was Leon.

“I believe Colby had a good night. It wasn’t the ring rust, I think. Leon may have done it. He stayed away from her well.

When Colby did try to shoot a few times, I think he felt Leon’s defense and wasn’t able to obtain anything going. That’s because of Leon.”

However, Brown’s main complaint about Covington is that he talked a big game before the fight but didn’t show up when it mattered most.

This is especially true after getting a title shot that nobody really thought he deserved after sitting out for almost two years.

Covington was able to sell a lot of tickets because he was loud and rude when promoting himself and when insulting his opponents.

Brown knows that when things don’t go your way, that kind of behavior can lead to the harshest reactions.

After UFC 296 Matt Brown looked into what would happen with Colby Covington. Brown said that Covington wasn’t living up to the hype before the fight and made “abhorrent comments” before the fight.

Brown also said who Covington didn’t deserve a shot at the title after being out for almost two years.

Matt lived through a heroin accident and many other close calls with death when he was in his early 20s.

All of this, combined with his reputation for fighting, led his friends to give him the battle name “The Immortal.” Matt Brown has 26 wins, 19 losses, along with 0 draws in professional mixed martial arts.

Many people, including athletes and fans, spoke out against Covington’s actions, but “Chaos” stuck to his guns and said he didn’t feel bad about what he said.

In his statement, former UFC champion Matt Brown says that Covington’s acts will follow him around and fans may no longer want to watch him fight.

“I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don’t care if we see him again or not.” A lot of people probably don’t want to see him compete again. “That’s just gross,” Brown said.

Brown really wanted Covington to talk to Jorge Masvidal on a run-down street because he thought that would make Masvidal understand his mistake.

He hopes to see Jorge Masvidal again in the street, this time in a dark alley, so they can fight. It seems likely that Masvidal will give him a good beating in the street. “I hope that kills him,” Brown said.