The fight between Iñaki Urdangarin and Felipe VI for the Baqueira chalet: this is how the king of Spain marks territory

The snowy refuge that the Royal House has enjoyed in usufruct for decades is a candy at the door of a school. At least for Iñaki Urdangarin y King Felipe VI, the two who have enjoyed it the most in recent years. The ex of Mrs. Cristina She claimed it for herself in the distribution of assets prior to the divorce but, as we reported this Monday, the infanta drew a red line. The reason? The will of her brother, who has dedicated himself to ‘scare’ his brother-in-law from Baqueira Beret in the last year.

And Iñaki went to the chalet in the Catalan Pyrenees last February with his girlfriend, Ainhoa ​​Armentia. A trip that was understood as an open challenge to what had been his in-laws and to which the monarch responded immediately: he set course for Baqueira and ordered Iñaki to clear the property. That’s how it was done. Urdangarin had no choice but to grab his girlfriend and leave on foot.

Not happy with it, he tried again last August. According to Juan Luis Galiacho, the former athlete moved back to Baqueira (it is not known if with Ainhoa ​​or with friends) to enjoy a few days in the mountains. Don Felipe, upon being informed, repeated the move: he traveled there, forcing his former brother-in-law to return to Vitoria early.

Finally, the negotiations for the distribution of assets between Iñaki and Cristina have come to an end and with them, the fight between the two brothers-in-law for the winter vacation home. Urdangarin, in addition to a monthly pension of 25,000 euros and two million more in compensation, keeps the Bidart house. Baqueira will continue to be for the exclusive enjoyment of the royal family.