The FEB and Moderna join the Day of Women and Girls in Science with 'Referents'


The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and its official partner Moderna have organized the 'Referents' meeting in MadridLab, laboratory and headquarters of Moderna Spain, with the aim of making visible the role of women in science and sports within the framework of the celebration on February 11 of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

'Referentes' has had the participation of the former player Amaya Valdemoro and the players of the Endesa Women's League Nerea Hermosa, Laura Peña – both present at the concentration of the Spanish women's team prior to the Pre-Olympic dispute – and Begoña from Santiago, while that, on behalf of Moderna, Elvira Gordo, Director, Analytical Science & Technology, was present; and the researchers María García Valverde and Patricia Letrado.

At the meeting, they all highlighted that it is still key to give visibility to female figures to directly influence the participation and success of women in these disciplines and to break gender stereotypes, serve as an inspiration to the youngest and, in ultimately, achieve greater social equity.

Amaya Valdemoro explained that her generation grew up without these women role models. “The environment was not favorable for women who played basketball. I have worked hard and fought to make the situation change, to open doors for me, but also to open them to others. I have become a reference for the new generations and now my teammates , they will be one of the smallest,” he noted.

For her part, Elvira Gordo highlighted the need to “continue promoting and promoting female talent both in the workplace and in the personal sphere”, in addition to highlighting the importance of “giving visibility” to these female role models to demonstrate that there are no limits if they want to achieve things.

The researchers participating in the round table agreed that, for a long time, leadership positions have been predominantly occupied by men, which generated additional challenges for women who aspired to reach these positions. However, currently, we are witnessing significant advances in work-life balance policies that allow work and personal responsibilities to be balanced, which helps women access and excel in management roles.

Likewise, the Spanish international women have acknowledged that they are aware that changes do not happen suddenly and that we are on the right path, but having the same opportunities and tools as men is necessary to respond to the challenges we are facing. facing up.

Begoña from Santiago, who professionally combines sport and science (she is a medical student) and who has been international in all training categories, said she was proud to be able to be a reference for many other girls. “It is an enormous responsibility, but it makes me happy to be an inspiration for whoever needs it, especially for those girls who dream and dare like me to dedicate themselves to two very different things,” she said.