The farewell of Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ in the arenas: from the support of Virginia Troconis to that of his father Manuel Benítez

Manuel Diaz, also known as ‘El Cordobés’, closes this Sunday, October 15 in Jaén, one of the most significant chapters of his life: his career in the bullring. In addition, the right-hander concludes his stage as a bullfighter with the help of his father (Manuel Benitez), the one in charge of cutting her ponytail.

With the nostalgia of someone who is going to close a stage after 30 years, Manuel Díaz said moments before entering the square: “I am very excited and grateful to all the people and to this special day. I wish I could start again.”

In the past, Manuel and his father barely maintained a relationship. However, already in the month of February we witnessed how father and son put an end to several years of estrangement. This Sunday, when ‘El Cordobés’ steps foot on the square’s albero for the last time, Manuel Benítez will cut his ponytail. “I would never have imagined it. I think it’s something very nice because it closes a stage in our lives. It’s the best gift,” he said before entering the arena.

During the farewell to El Cordobés, the woman (Virginia Troconis) and the bullfighter’s first-born daughter (Alba Diaz) have boasted of their relationship and have attracted all eyes. They both sat together and wore an impeccable white look.

Although the right-hander says goodbye to the cape and the muleta this Sunday, he does not completely distance himself from the union. The bullfighter still has a cattle ranch, which supplies bulls to the promoters. In addition, he owns Tauro Cordobés SL, a company “destined for the organization and promotion of bullfighting celebrations, as well as the hiring and empowerment of bullfighters.” As stated Vanitatis.

His last accidents in the square

In his last stage in the ring, Manuel Díaz faced several injuries. The last one was at the end of September, when he was transferred to the Navarra hospital after suffering a severe beating.

The month of August also suffered an incident after a serious goring during the third fertilizer run at the Huesca fair.