The family side of Begoña Villacís: focused on her three daughters and divorced after 15 years of marriage

Borja Villacis, brother of the former vice mayor of Madrid, died this Tuesday at the age of 41, the victim of a hit-and-run shooting in the Fuencarral-El Pardo district, in Madrid, around 12:30 p.m. . Begoña Villacís is devastated, as is the rest of her family. “I’m with my parents,” she told Informalia.

Currently, Villacís is focused on her work as global director of Institutional Relations for a multinational, as well as on her three daughters, Paula, Jimena and Inésfruit of her marriage to the lawyer Antonio Suarez-Valdeswhom she divorced in 2020 after 15 years of marriage.

Specialized in Military Law and Military Criminal Law of the Police and the Civil Guard, he has managed different media cases such as that of Zaida Cantera, who sued her boss for harassment sexual. He also represented the Municipal Police Union during the death of the Leganés migrant during the riots in the Lavapiés neighborhood, in Madrid. Begoña belonged to his law firm until she made the leap to the Legálitas company.

The lawyer himself confirmed their separation in a letter to the newspaper The world. “Neither Begoña nor I rule out giving ourselves a second chance and what will happen, only time knows.”. However, I see the viability of the couple as very complicated as long as she continues in politics or at least as long as her work requires it in the way that she has done in the last year,” she expressed.

Later, Villacís began a relationship with the journalist Rubén Amón, son of the historian and journalist Santiago Amón. She was photographed kissing him in 2020 after several years of friendship. The communicator himself declared that at the time he was “from the vice mayor, who is from Madrid.” “I live with her,” he said. However, after two years of discreet relationship, they broke up in 2022.

It should be said that these have not been the only men who have passed through his life. In fact, Carlos Baute himself confirmed to Informalia who had a brief romance with Martínez-Almeida’s former number 2. “We were young and she was already a very pretty and very nice woman”said the singer, who assured that their relationship had lasted a short time, although he had “very nice” memories. “I see Begoña as very prepared. She knows well what is happening, she is very well informed and, by the way, she speaks English perfectly,” he said.

Focused on her three daughters: Paula, Jimena and Inés

The truth is that Villacís has always been very suspicious of her privacy, keeping her family life in the background. However, it is known that her mother, Marisol Sánchez Alonso, manages the Inmocis real estate agency with one of his brothers, in the Chamberí neighborhood. His father, José, is an economist, researcher and writer. In addition, he works as a professor of economic structure at the CEU San Pablo University.

“The politics that is done today is not for me, nor am I for politics. The headlines sell very expensive, it would not survive,” explained the former councilor of the Madrid City Council at the beginning of this year in a conversation with The world. Many things in his life have changed since he jumped into politics.among them, her relationship with motherhood, one of her great priorities.

Villacís gave birth to her first daughter, Paula, a year after saying ‘I do’ with her ex-husband. Now, the young woman is of legal age.

Two years later it was Jimena’s turn., 17 years old, another fundamental pillar in the life of politics, who came to define motherhood as a challenge. “What has made me happiest and has also worried me most at times,” he said when talking about his daughters.

Her third and last daughter, Inés, 5 years old, arrived when Villacís was over 40. As she herself confessed, she found the news of her pregnancy “shocking”, although she continued with it. “It took me a few minutes to be aware of everything”he said in an interview.

The birth of her little girl coincided with the separation from her ex-husband. In good times and bad, they are her greatest support. “I love being with my daughters and friends,” she came to admit. Now they are living difficult times, but they are not alone.

Villacís’ deceased brother

A woman has been arrested in Plaza Elíptica, as confirmed by the National Police itself, minutes after the homicide, which took place around 12:30 p.m. this Tuesday, near the residential neighborhood of Montecarmelo, just 20 meters from some CNI facilities. A BMW X2 has approached another vehicle near the Lar de Domingo restaurant. One of the passengers, the alleged perpetrator of the homicide, took out a shotgun and fired several shots at him, wounding him in the head and chest. When she was arrested hours later, the woman was alone in her car.