The false ‘Valors’ culés destabilize Valencia against Barça

Valencia faced the previous against FC Barcelona with the uncertainty of whether I could count on Rodrigo That had been low the previous day. The encounter before him Majorca It was a very important hit after the collapse in the Spanish Supercup against the Real Madrid. The culé team took to show their values ​​by testing Rodrigo for a possible signing in the previous meeting between them.

Albert Celades He was asked about his soccer player’s situation, Rodrigo Brown and if you know the negotiations you are having with the Barça entity (Celades hallucinates with the defense of Madrid; Gayá 'cries' for Rodrigo). The coach did not want to talk about the striker and they are clearly disgusted for two reasons: the possibility of running out of striker a few days after the close of the market and due to occur in the days before the meeting between them.

Quique Setién has had conversations with Rodrigo and he has said it publicly that he wants a striker and that he likes the Spanish international. The Cantabrian coach has requested the signing of the Valencian striker, and instead of clearing the ball out and saying I do not speak of hypotheses, he throws flowers at the player of the Valencia CF. They ask if he likes it Rodrigo and he replies that he likes all the great players, and that he does not like his return to the team after injury because “he is an extraordinary player, it can complicate anyone's life and I would have preferred that he had not played. But the level of Valencia CF is tall, with or without Rodrigo“.

The team ché and more specifically their coach is upset because they do not know if this issue can mislead the player who will have to face what his future team may be and with the fear that the same thing will not happen to him as in summer that his signing was frustrated .

What is true, is that these forms are not the best to negotiate a signing and less in the previous one of a match against that same rival. But it's nothing new in the Barcelona In the last month, we saw how they handled the Valverde situation that had to be learned through the press of their cessation.