The failed admission of Camilo Blanes to a detoxification center: the young man turns a deaf ear to his mother's concern and refuses treatment

The health status of Camilo Blanes continues to cause concern. Some time ago she reappeared showing strange behavior, which has led her mother, Lourdes Ornelas, down the path of bitterness. In fact, his attempts to get his son to recover are not giving the best results. Last November 16 I should have entered a detox center in the mountains of Madrid, but in the end this did not happen.

“He completely refuses, although at first he was determined. It is still in the same condition and he refuses to enter. Everything continues the same,” explained journalist Sergio Pérez this weekend on Telecinco. “It is true that his mother proposed it to him, but he has never wanted to join, and that is the big problem, because he is not well and his friends are not They help him,” added Aurelio Manzano.

Added to this new information is the business that Camilo Sesto's son is developing. This is the launch of a collection of t-shirts with his face printed, with a cartoonish design. However, Manzano clarified that the young man “has not given any authorization to make these t-shirts,” and mentioned Cristina Rapado, who is supposedly involved in this issue. “She (Cristina Rapado) boasts by saying that she is Camilín's friend, you are not Camilín's friend…”, Manzano added.

Blanes continues to make people talk, something that makes his mother very sad. She doesn't know what to do with him anymore. A few months ago, after the young man posed on his social networks dressed in women's clothing, she acknowledged that “he is not well, it is obvious, but I had never reached this degree of self-destruction.”

“I've been looking for help for him for a long time and I've run into a concrete wall a thousand times. My biggest concern is that his life is in danger every day, constantly,” added Ornelas, who came to stay at his son's house in an attempt to separate him from bad friends. For the moment he is still waiting for his health to improve. But, to do this, Blanes has to cooperate, and it seems that there is a long way to go.

A theft of 100,000 euros

Last July it was known that the young He had suffered a robbery at his home in Torrelodones. His own friends stole a series of personal items worth more than 100,000 euros. His property was looted little by little by people that Camilín let into his house, from which they stole personal objects of great value, as well as paintings, trays and other goods, many of them with a great emotional charge.

After this information came to light, Camilín himself left a very significant message on Instagram: “I have already kicked them out of my house,” he wrote under one of his publications. In addition, This is not the only robbery suffered by Camilo, who now calls herself Sheila Devil. In December 2021, while he was admitted to the ICU of the Puerta del Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda due to a bicycle accident, they also robbed him.

At that moment, Ornelas already lamented: “A lot of Camilo Sesto's things, gold records and memories, have disappeared.” Then it was also commented that thieves could know perfectly well where in the house the valuables were located.