The face that Marta Riesco was left with after receiving this message from Pocholo: “You are like a bread”

After his stormy break with Antonio David Flores, Martha I can #OperaciónHothead started on Instagram for the summer. His operation is based on exercising three times a week and eating a healthy diet. Among so many posts in stories boasting about herself, she received an unexpected message in her mailbox.

His jaw dropped when he saw that Pocholo (yes, Pocholo) he sent her these words privately: “Lobiuuu Marta. You are very funny and you are like bread. I loved being by your side.”

The former reporter of Ana Rosa’s program He did not come out of his astonishment: “This morning I woke up and suddenly I see Pocholo’s messages. Pocholo? At my side? And I say, what I’m funny and I’m like a bread, it can be”, between laughs. “But Pocholo? I haven’t seen him in my life. I left the message there.”

Next, Marta explained: “This morning I woke up with another message from Pocholo.” Pocholo’s message reads like this: “Marta, I have confused the person. I thought you were Marta Peñate [en realidad escribió Pelate]. it won’t happen again [aunque escribió pesar]”.

Riesco added: “I don’t know if I’m more amused that she confused me with Marta Peñate or that she told me that it won’t happen again. She confused me with her and wanted to send me this rectification message,” he said with a laugh after the mess of paw of the cousin of Carmen Martínez-Bordiú.

Pocholo, with barely 37,000 followers on Instagram, traveled to Honduras in recent days to visit his nephew Bosco, who is participating in this latest edition of survivors. To the surprise of the spectators, Pocholo jumped in a helicopter.