The explanation of the most surprising image of Eurovision: what was a shepherdess doing churning butter?

The spectators of Eurovision have been stunned this Saturday when a woman from the Portuguese delegation, dressed as a shepherdess, has started to beat butter while the presenter Hannah Waddingham He was talking about the next performance.

The moment quickly went viral on networks and Twitter users could not believe what they had just seen on the screen. But it has not been an isolated event. And it is that this gesture has a whole explanation behind it.

We have to go back to 2014when Poland burst into the festival with force after two years of absence from the hand of Donathan & Cleo and his song My slowianie (We Slavs). The staging of the country brought three dancers-choristers and two ‘models’ who played two sexy shepherdesses -one washing clothes and the other churning butter- with a pronounced neckline and sensual gestures for the camera that managed to become the most commented of that evening.

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A moment that Portugal has repeated this year as a nod to this viral performance and that has also put them in trends. Our neighboring country has been represented in this edition by the pop and soul singer Mimicswho got the ticket to Liverpool after winning with his song oh heart en el Festival da Canção, an event similar to our Benidorm Fest.

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