Silvia Bronchalo has sufficient material to demonstrate the “insults” and “indignities” that Rodolfo Sancho has allegedly spoken about her via WhatsApp, both before and during the criminal proceedings that their son together is facing, Daniel Sanchoaccused of the murder, dismemberment and concealment of the body of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. This was stated this Monday by Carolina Castro, the businesswoman's lawyer.

“Silvia has contributed a WhatsApp message and the rest of the evidence necessary to support the accusation will be provided in court,” Bronchalo's representative has advanced in We'll see, where he stressed that the ex-wife of the actor The ministry of time She feels overwhelmed by the media impact that her family situation is causing in recent months, and which has now been aggravated by the complaint against the interpreter.

Castro explained that his client “informed the authorities that she was receiving insults and humiliation.” “It's overblown. She didn't want this to come to light, “We are taking the pertinent actions to investigate where this comes from, I would have preferred to keep it in the strictest privacy like any normal citizen.”

Bronchado's lawyer has spoken of sexist violence: “Even if it is the ex-partner, The crime is gender violence and must be seen by the competent court. “Silvia has provided a WhatsApp message and the rest of the evidence necessary to support the accusation will be provided in court.”

The lawyer has stressed that, although Sancho denies these accusations through his lawyers, his ex-wife has evidence to prove her word. “They can deny whatever they want, that's what expert evidence is for.”“I don't know if they have denied this, but I can guarantee you that, according to what Silvia tells me, the person accused wrote it.”

“As Silvia has asked us to saythe Thai process wants to leave it completely aside, it does not want it to be linked, it does not want one thing to be mixed with another and of course there is disagreement on certain points between the ex-couple, it is explained in the complaint and on WhatsApp it is quite significant too,” he noted.

Sancho's insults: “Pirada” to “incapable”

According to Bronchalo, the actor sent her several messages on WhatsApp “insulting and harassing her.” He tells that he called her “crazy“, who called it “unable” and that he accused him of having bipolar disorder. The businesswoman, who says that this is not an “isolated” episode, explained that she has maintained telephone contact with him since their son was imprisoned in Thailand. The protagonist's environment of Señora has not commented on the matter. All this has happened just two months before the trial against Sancho Gracia's grandson begins. It is scheduled to begin next April 9 with the intervention of 57 witnesses during the process.

Throughout these months, the distance between Rodolfo and Silvia in defending their son has been evident. Let us remember that Bronchalo works independently of his ex, who hired the services of lawyer Marcos García-Montes and the Balfagón-Chippirrás law firm and whose approaches do not satisfy Silvia. Daniel's mother believes that the defense strategy they propose is very risky for her son and she fears that they could sentence him to the maximum penalty.