The Euroleague Technical Committee accuses the bus driver for the injury of the Turk Telecom coach


The Euroleague Coaches Committee accused this Thursday the driver of the bus that took Turk Telecom Ankara to the Gran Canaria Arena for a last training session before the Eurocup final against Gran Canaria of having “unprofessional behavior” that led to the neck injury suffered by coach Erdem Can.

The coach of the Turkish team had to be transferred to a hospital in Las Palmas after suffering an impact against the windshield of the vehicle that was taking his team to the scene of the match for the title. Finally, Can was able to attend the crash, although with a neck brace.

“The Euroleague Coaches Committee is surprised and shocked by the totally unprofessional behavior of the bus driver which resulted in the injury of our member Erdem Can on his way to the arena for the last training session before the Eurocup final,” he said. the body this Thursday in a statement.

The Coaches Committee ensures that it has “information” indicating that the driver “not only used a much longer route” that lost Turk Telecom “valuable time” to prepare for “the most important game of the season” but also, after Can repeatedly asked him to “turn down the excessive volume of the music”, he braked “on purpose” to prevent the technician from doing it himself. “Coach Can was injured by hitting his head on the windshield, which broke from that impact,” he added.

“We trust that the Spanish traffic authorities will get to the bottom of this sad incident as the decisions taken by bus drivers must ALWAYS be focused on the comprehensive safety of all passengers. We hope that this type of incident does not happen again in basketball and throughout the sports community in general,” the committee said.