The escape to Kenya of Cayetano Martinez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova who has mosqued Barbara Mirjan

Three months have passed since the controversy broke out over the surprising friendship between Genoveva Casanova y Frederick of Denmark and the Mexican remains 'hidden' from the media spotlight. Her ex-husband and father of her children has become her greatest support, both personal and financial, since not only did he give her his Arbaizenea palace (in San Sebastián) for her to take refuge in the first days after the scandal, but he also gave it to her. He took him to Kenya, where he has a beachfront mansion, to welcome 2024.

The relationship between the Count of Salvatierra and the Mexican woman has always been very good but in the last three months they have become inseparable. They spent Christmas Eve in Madrid with their children, Luis and Amina, and then they traveled to central Africa to eat the grapes. She also accompanied them Barbara Mirjan, the aristocrat's girlfriend. They traveled on different flights, as Genoveva made up to four stops to mislead the press. Once there, they all stayed together at Cayetano's farm and enjoyed nature on a safari that costs about 2,000 euros per head, according to Readings.

Already in Madrid, Genoveva has taken refuge, once again, in one of her ex-husband's properties, specifically in a house she has in La Finca, one of the most exclusive urbanizations in the capital. Here she is recovering not only from the media storm that hit her last November, when the images of her with Federico of Denmark came to light, but also from the pulmonary embolism she suffered last summer and for which she still suffers. aftermath. “She is very delicate,” said close sources.

“Bárbara Mirjan is tired”

Cayetano has become Genoveva's guardian angel. He is completely invested in caring for and protecting him, something that is bothering his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for eight years. “Bárbara is starting to get fed up with Genoveva and is asking for her place. She is very angry that she is always Genoveva in everything. She perfectly understands that she is the mother of her partner's children, but now she considers herself the supporting actress. Although she has been with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo for so long, Genoveva will always be the main one,” they said in Fiesta.

The family getaway to Kenya did not please Barbara, who wanted to spend the end of the year with her boyfriend in a private and romantic way. According to Amor Romeira, the lawyer is at her limit: “She is tired of that absolute dedication that Cayetano is having with Genoveva“.