The eldest children of Fernández Tapias explode and lament: “We were denied access to his residence”

The eldest children of Fernando Fernández Tapias They issued a statement this Friday to clarify the reason why, according to them, they began the process of legally incapacitating their father through a lawsuit filed in 2020. The note from the navier’s eldest children comes just a few days after the statement from Nuria Gonzalezthe businessman’s widow, in which she announced her intentions to take legal action due to certain information published since her husband’s death.

Below we reproduce the full statement from Fernando, Borja, Inigo (the three fruits of the businessman’s first marriage with Chiqui Riva de Luna) y Juan Carlos y Sandra (from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel).

“Due to the news and information published in some media after the death of Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias Román, many of which contain false information about his incapacitation procedure, Mr. Santiago Ortiz, lawyer for five of his children (Íñigo , Fernando, Borja Fernández-Tapias Riva; Juan Carlos and Sandra Fernández-Tapias García-Courel), reports the following:

1. On September 29, 2020, the Fernández-Tapias Brothers began, jointly and by consensus, the incapacitation process of his father, who was then with a evident deterioration of his cognitive abilitywith the sole purpose of protect your interests and assets and avoid any impairment of your rights and/or use by any third party of his delicate situation.

2. Contrary to what has been published by many media outlets, said procedure was resolved by ruling issued on April 14, 2021 by the Court of First Instance no. 65 of Madrid that agreed, after the examination of Mr. Fernández-Tapias by the Forensic doctor and by the Chief Magistrate of the Court, the need to incapacitate Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias Román as a consequence of his cognitive deterioration. In said resolution, by agreement between all parties, a tutor was appointed for the economic legal administrative field of Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias Román.

3. The sentence of incapacitation cannot be understood in any way as a discredit for Don Fernando, but as a reflection of his illness that carried with it the need to give him protection.

4. The ruling that agreed to place Mr. Fernández-Tapias in a civil status of incapacity and subject him to guardianship It was not subject to appeal by any of the parties (neither by the Fernández-Tapias Brothers, nor by his wife, nor by any family member or third party)..

5. Before the incapacitation procedure began, specifically from October 2019 and until the date of death of Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias Román, The face-to-face contact of Mr. Fernando with the Fernández-Tapias Brothers and with their children, the 8 grandchildren of Mr. Fernando, has been repeatedly prohibited and whom They have been denied access to their place of residence despite repeated attempts by their family to see their father and grandfather..

6. The Fernández-Tapias Brothers want the family and business legacy of Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias to prevail and, in this sense, they express their full support for Don Juan Carlos Fernández-Tapias García-Courel, CEO of the Tapias Group, who since 2015 was the repository of Don Fernando’s trust for the business management of the group. Don Fernando made, when he was in full authority, the corresponding provisions to avoid interference and to ensure that business decisions were not made by people who did not have sufficient capacity, and therefore Don Juan Carlos has always been fulfilling his father’s will and acting for the benefit of the companies..

7. The insinuations that are being made through the press about the economic interest of my clients in the incapacitation procedure, and, above all, in relation to alleged errors in the economic management of the companies or the interests of Mr. Fernando , are very serious accusations lacking any support, and will be the subject of the corresponding actions for slander or, where appropriate, insults, against people who allow themselves to leak or publish such statements.

Having clarified the above, we ask that you show the respect that the Fernández-Tapias Brothers and the grandchildren of Don Fernando Fernández-Tapias deserve, warning that legal actions will be initiated to assist them in defending their rights against those responsible for the media that continue to spread any false information.”

After the judicial process that the Fernández-Tapias brothers point out, the economic-legal-administrative skills necessary to manage their assets and their material assets remained under the guardianship of Florentino Perez. The medical and health area was under the supervision of his wife, Nuria González. With it, the former first vice president of Real Madrid had Ivanwho is already 20 years old, and Alma16.