The dream team of Sálvame, Belén Esteban, María Patiño and company, premiere: “Sustooo, Telecinco!”

With its aesthetics kitsch explosive pink color, stars, glitter and Belén Esteban, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, Chelo García Cortés and Víctor Sandoval, on a bus like road movie. This has been the start of the dream team of Save mewhich returns to TV in streaming in Quickie and releases It’s not like we were Shhh con Maria Patino as a presenter. Have there been taunts? Battle axes? Revanchism against Telecinco? Toni against the chain? Come and read.

The title of the space, from Fabricantes Studio, the production company of Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, has been reduced. Goodbye to the announced Not that we were Save Me due to a matter of discrepancy with the Telecinco brand.

We start this road movie with an inexhaustible launch of messages on the screen that show us the DNA of this space: “Your channel from the heart, for all those who have been orphaned of entertainment.” To shape the program, we have read words like “fussy, bully, funny… Someone had to give back to the audience the mischief, the salsa, the provocation and the chuminero”.

Then the bus appeared. It’s not like we were Shhh and Belén, in its purest form with her “cari”, “that I’m pissing”, that “I’m going to a neighbor’s house”… That Pilar Vidal and her “I won’t lose this delirium even if I die.”

And the cry of Belén, when passing in front of the Telecinco headquarters: “Scare, look at Mediaset, hello!” It has been the only one tonito that we have seen when naming the old chain that welcomed Save me for 14 years.

María Patiño has received the delegation from It’s not like we were Shhh at the Quickie channel headquarters. He has chosen a pink barbicore sweater. He follows leader Víctor Sandoval. “Everything you see is for you, don’t see what a hassle. I notice you are closer. I notice your breath,” Patiño declared.

They have started strong. “That you call the Campos, the audience asks us.” Although they have commented that Terelu and Carmen could be live on the sets of other networks, Sandoval has taken the initiative by remembering that they “in Sálvame” called “live” and has dialed Carmen Borrego’s phone: “Oh, he hung up on me!”