The dream premiere –

EI Pomegranate took the first three points of the course before a Athletic who played a good first half, but was deflated as soon as he saw the game uphill after Yangel's goal, the first in the First Division this season. The icing on the cake was Luis Milla with a great goal on the day of his debut. The Nasrids smile again at a Athletic without sticking.

The curtain opened on Los Cármenes how last year ended, although with news. Debutants in First in both teams, Mile in the Nasrid and Morcillo in the Bilbao. A start with a preseason flavor. Little rhythm, few arrivals and little football in the first minutes. It was Athletic who had the most ball, but chances were conspicuous by their absence. The only highlight were the debutantes. Black pudding He showed self-confidence and daring, looking for one on one and being the most destabilizing of the game. Mile, He showed more diesel, but being an SUV that presses, organizes and reaches both areas. The game was animated only in the final minutes, with a goal disallowed by Yangel after a previous foul by Germán and a great occasion of Raul Garcia that he sent out. Without shots on goal, the break was reached.

Everything changed after the restart. The second half started more animated and in the first minutes already more happened than in all the first part. A good arrival from Athletic, another from Granada. And, within five minutes of the restart, Yangel repeated goal, but this time it was worth it. The Venezuelan remató arriving from behind a great center of Montoro in a distraction of Athletic, which left the Valencian to think. First goal of the First Division this season. The goal left Athletic, who had set a better first half, but he lacked aim. And before I can react Milla stole Dani García in the midfield, went to the front and took an impossible shot for Unai Simón. Second blow for those of Garitano who reacted by removing Williams and Sancet. It cost him, but it came to disturb Granada, especially with a shot of Williams with the knee behind a great Morcillo center that crashed into the crossbar. Some Basque whiplash and more than one Nasrid counterattack could change the marker that did not move anymore. Pomegranate and Athletic they started as they ended …

Garitano: “The team has been better than Granada”

The match: We have to stay focused for 90 minutes. The process of the game had little to do with the result. It is not worth dominating the game and playing in the opposite field, it is not worth it if you do not score. You need 90 minutes of defensive perfection because in ten minutes we have been bad, the game is gone.

After fitting: We have arrived with a lot of people, but their center-backs are good and we haven't finished everything we wanted. I have seen a team that has tried and has not lowered their arms. Granada has defensive security and a lot of offensive punch. They have shot twice, I think, and they have scored two goals. They have hit and that is what marks, the areas, because in the process of the game the team has been better than Granada.

Morcillo Debut: He played a great game. We have young people, it is what we have and we have to bet on them. We have started with an older team and ended with a younger one. We have to make a good Athletic with everyone's mix. I don't think the team's image has been bad at all.

Diego Martínez: “I place a lot of value on these three points”

The victory: I place a lot of value on these three points. We started well, but they were better than us in the first half. In the second we corrected some things that we thought could be useful. It is true that it was difficult for both teams to be fluent. The team got the goal and the second that comes with high pressure. We have many things to improve, but I place a lot of value on these three points.

Atypical preseason: There were changes that were practically made before we started, we knew that we were going to have to suffer at times, there was a tone of equality in the first half, but the team knew how to control the game and deserved the victory. The preseason has been very unusual.

Mile: We are very happy for him. You have to be calm with him and maintain confidence. The effort has been everyone's titanium.


Unai lopez (55 ', Vesga), Williams (55 ', Layer), Gonalons (61 ', Montoro), Fede Vico (62 ', Machís), Ohian tirapu (72 ', Muniain), Villalibre (72 ', Raúl García), Kenedy (79 ', Yangel Herrera), Azeez (79 ', Soldier), Unai Victor (79 ', Dani García), Victor Diaz (88 ', Luis Milla)


1-0, 48 ': Yangel Herrera, 2-0, 52 ': Luis Milla


Yangel Herrera (9 ', Yellow) Jon morcillo (14 ', Yellow) German (44 ', Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (51 ', Yellow) Unai lopez (71 ', Yellow) Yeray (83 ', Yellow) Gonalons (91 ', Yellow