“The draw is good because in front was Valencia”

Víctor Laguardia is one of the keys to the great season that Alavés is doing. He is the head of the albiazul defense and, against Valencia, he played a great game. “I know that there was much talk in summer about my possible departure to Valencia but I think it's because of my relationship with Marcelino, with whom I was in Zaragoza. I hope to retire in Alavés “he assured.

About the tie with Celades team, said “It is a great result because in front was Valencia. In the first part they scored a goal but then we were able to tie. As they usually sing in the stands, this team never gives up. One more point and increasingly closer to the goal of permanence. “

Shield / Flag Alavés

Magallán did not appear in the call since he had gastroenteritis. On Thursday night he suffered diarrhea and remained empty. The Argentine central made it known to Asier Garitano that, in time, he was able to summon Ishmael when it was not planned. Rodrigo Ely, Thus, was the complement of Laguardia in the axis of the defensewell escorted in the bands by Ximo Navarro and Rubén Duarte.