The drama of María Jiménez's son: he is kicked out of his house for non-payments and destruction

Four months after his mother's death, Alejandro Sancho has been expelled from his home “and not precisely through judicial means.” The owners of the house where he lived have kicked him out for alleged non-payment of monthly payments and for alleged damage to the home.

Thus, they assure that the house was in “deplorable conditions, destroyed and totally uninhabitable”: “After a long time trying hard, the owners of the house were finally able to kick him out of the house, and not exactly through judicial means”explained Saúl Ortiz this Sunday in Fiesta after speaking with the owner. In this sense, she emphasized: “The departure from the house was not friendly (…) There was no way to make him see reason.”The landlords insisted through the journalist. Alejandro, for his part, has not yet given his version of what happened.

The last time we saw the son of María Jiménez and Pepe Sancho was in his interview in Friday last December. He has always supported her mother and has publicly defended her against her father's mistreatment of her. In her interview, she recounted the moment she found out that her father wanted to disinherit her: “I sent him a message and told him 'Stick your inheritance in your f*****, I don't want it, I don't want anything of yours'. “I don't regret that he didn't leave me more of an inheritance.”

However, he also noted: “I regretted not having been able to be with him the last six years (…) I would like to thank Reyes Monforte for being there the last few years with my father”. And he added. “I have always wanted to get drunk together… to spend some time as father and son. I would have liked to tell him 'Hey dad, I'm not to blame, admit it, admit your mistake, I didn't want to screw up your life'“. Regarding whether he forgave him, he stated: “It's been hard for me, he dies and you don't forgive him right away. Now that I have children I understand, you get over it and you end up forgiving him”.

After the death of the interpreter of It's over On September 7, at the age of 73 due to lung cancer that he kept a secret, Alejandro Sancho was in charge of preparing the farewell that his mother would have liked. With great strength and education he attended to all the media gathered in Seville and organized the funeral chapel that was installed in the city ​​hall. More than 30,000 people came to say goodbye to the great artist. The funeral chapel was followed by the ride of her coffin on horses through the streets of her native Triana and a funeral worthy of her in the church of Santa Ana, known in the capital of Seville as the Small Cathedral.