The drama of Laura Bozzo after suffering an attempted robbery in the heart of Madrid: “I screamed so much that the thief got scared”

There are days when it's better not to get up… That's what he must have thought. Laura Bozzo this Thursday after getting a big scare in the heart of the capital. The former contestant of VIP Big Brother He spoke about what happened this Thursday night on his social networks.

“I was about to be assaulted in Plaza Tirso de Molina, in the center of Madrid, at an ATM. I screamed so much that the thief got scared and people came out of a cafeteria to help me,” the Peruvian media wrote after 9:00 p.m. Mexican and Italian, 72 years old. Fortunately, everything ended in a scare: “It was horrible but everything was fine. I hope there is more police control in that area.”

On the comments wall, she received messages of support: “The important thing is that you are well and that everything was just a scare, be very careful Laura”, “I am glad that you are well”, “It can't be. My Laura, Are you okay? There should be more security on the streets!”, “My Laura, God protect you,” “The important thing is that they didn't rob you” or “I'm dying, how horrible!” some followers wrote to her.

It must be remembered that after her time on the Telecinco reality show, from which she was expelled in December just 24 hours before the final, the presenter made the decision to settle in Madrid for a time before returning to her mansion in Acapulco in Mexico. . There she is well known for her program, Laura in Americaand for his participation in The house of the famous, in which Cristina Porta is now competing. Her daughter Alejandra de la Fuente is also with her in Madrid.