The drama of Carmen Lomana and Pilar Vidal reaches the Government: the journalist reveals that a politician called her to send her support

Pilar Vidal has reappeared this Friday in Public mirror to talk about the monumental encounter he had with Carmen Lomana the previous day. The journalist, through tears, criticized her teammate for calling her “fat” after the team debated her obesity. The communicator has admitted that she is quick to forgive the socialite’s ways, but that she remains with the wave of support that she has received.

Vidal has explained in the Antena 3 space that she needs “time” to recover the relationship with Lomana, despite the fact that her colleagues have encouraged her to start a conversation to resolve their differences. The journalist has insisted that she is still hurt by what happened, because she believes that forms have to be taken care of on and off the set, especially when it comes to giving an opinion on the physique of others from ignorance.

Precisely for this reason he has clarified that the anger does not come from a personal issue: “I don’t care who tells me things like this, I don’t allow it to anyone, neither for myself nor for anyone. In 2023 it seems inconceivable to me to attack someone with his physique. It is something that is not understood in this era, that there are people who think like this, this is already in the past. There is pain in me with this matter, I am not well, I am not happy as I am right now. I do not like to see myself to the mirror. But I am in treatment and in the hands of professionals.

That said, the communicator said that she has not spoken to her partner again: “She didn’t call me yesterday, but well, it’s useless. I don’t want to have any more relationship with her. I’m very feeling from the moment I met someone, and I have never had it with her. I don’t force anything with the characters to make them call me more or give me information. “I don’t like him and it’s something mutual and we don’t have to approach positions.”

A wave of support

However, the communicator wanted to highlight the warmth she has received from those around her and from well-known personalities who have taken a position both publicly and privately against Lomana’s attitude. One of her most notable reactions was Belen Estebanwhich was spoken through his stories on Instagram.

“My dear Pilar Vidal, I am with you. If it is not your body, do not give your opinion. There are many people who love you. Not others,” said the one from Paracuellos. Some words that hundreds of users have been able to read on the Internet, although there are other types of messages that Vidal has received from private life, even from members of the Government.

“The call that surprised me the most was from a member of the Government, a woman, who confessed to me that something very similar to me happened to her and that is why she feels very identified. In her case, her environment did not accept it either,” The journalist said in the space hosted by Susanna Griso.

The journalist did not want to delve into this matter and went on to regret the negative comments that many people receive about their physique when, sometimes, “the extra kilos” are due to hormonal issues, the intake of certain medications, among others. things.

“I reaffirm myself, no one wants to have extra kilos, it is not healthy, and anyone who says they are happy is hard for me to believe. But we have to be very careful when we talk about bullying, addictions, issues of illness, mental health… “because behind each case there is a problem, a disorder, a lack of love… something.”

“Dabiz Muñoz told me, that after the covid he has had many consequences because it has revolutionized his hormonal system, that by eating less he gains more weight. That is why I say that you have to be very careful because people remain silent, but it is difficult. There is “We have to leave unattainable standards behind in order to be happy, so that the people who are by our side support us and understand us,” he added.