The Dolphins get a “B+” for their exciting win over the Cowboys, while the Browns get a “A” for their huge win.

The Dolphins get a “B+” for their exciting win over the Cowboys, while the Browns get a “A” for their huge win.

At this time of year, Santa is known for bringing presents. But he’s not the only one; the NFL delivered upon Sunday during a crazy week of games.

In a win of the Texans on Sunday, the Browns’ quarterback threw for 368 yards. This made him the first quarterback in the team’s history to throw for more than 300 meters in three straight wins.

The Lions won their first division win in 30 years, which was also a nice gift for the whole city of Detroit. Detroit won its first-ever NFC North title with the win over the Vikings.

The Lions last won their division title in 1993, and it was in the NFC Central, which is no longer a division. The Browns also got great play from Amari Cooper, who set a team record via 265 receiving yards.

The NFL season’s 16th week began on Thursday night. The Los Angeles Rams made their playoff chances stronger while the New Orleans Saints’ playoff dreams took a big hit.

They played two games on Saturday, and the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals badly in the first game.

The Bengals’ playoff hopes were also hurt badly. In fact, Browns fans may be beginning to think that Joe Flacco has Santa because he keeps providing for the team.

Later, the Buffalo Bills beat the Los Angeles Chargers by a narrow margin to take control of their playoff fate.

The Chargers were playing their very first match since firing coaching Brandon Staley and their GM Tom Telesco last week.

Sunday saw more games. The Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings to clinch the NFC North title.

The Cleveland Browns’ QB Joe Flacco and WR Amari Cooper had big games, and the Seattle Seahawks scored the game-winning touchdown in the last second to keep its playoff hopes alive.

There was a walkoff field goal that won the game for the Miami Dolphins over the Dallas Cowboys, and the Jacksonville Jaguars lost their fourth straight game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After each game, our NFL Nation writers talked about what happened, answered any questions that people still had, and picked out who or what was rising and falling for each team.

There’s only one thing that could have caused this: I worked until 3 a.m. last night to record a podcast in Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson that covered everything you need to learn about Week 16. If you don’t mind, I suggest you listen.

We talked about all 12 games from Sunday and also tried to gain a sense of the playoff picture. I have to say, talking about the upcoming AFC playoffs almost made me lose my mind.

What we do periodically is list those who won or lost from Sunday’s games. Wilson and Brinson both picked someone from the NFC East as this week’s winner. I, on the other hand, chose the person that a Bengals fan would most likely pick.

We not only wrote down who won and lost, but we also went over each contest from Sunday. Click here to listen to today’s show and sign up for the best daily NFL podcast out there.

There are always some really crazy facts about the games that were played that Sunday night in an email from the research staff at CBS Sports.

The runner-up for Game of the Week in Week 16 is a Christmas Eve gift of a game that is very close to a pick-’em. Miami is a small 1-point home favorite.

If the Bills lose on Saturday, the Dolphins will win the AFC East title. Texas is already in the playoffs, but they are still trying to win the NFC East.

Each group wants to show what they can do. It’s been a rough week for the Cowboys as they lost 31–10 at Buffalo last week.

They need to get back on track. The Dolphins have won 10 games, and nine of them have been against teams with losing records. The other win proved against a.500 team.

What if they finally beat a team that is winning? Still unanswered is whether or not Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill will play.

As of Thursday, it looked like the answer was mostly yes. They didn’t need him to beat the Jets. For them to beat Dallas, they’ll need him.