The disinherited children of Fernández Tapias are going to challenge the will: Nuria González prepares for 'war'

About six weeks after the shipowner's death, grief begins to turn into indignation. And the opening of the will of Fernandez Tapias revealed what was an open secret: he had disinherited his five oldest children due to alleged “psychological abuse.” None of them are willing to give up their share of the pie and They are determined to challenge the will.

The children that Tapias had with his first two wives are already studying with their lawyers every word of the document that their father signed before a notary. The date is the keysix months before the businessman was partially incapacitated by a lawsuit filed precisely by his children, because they had detected a great cognitive deterioration in their father.

The shipowner's fortune, estimated at 3,000 million euros and the main beneficiary, for the moment, is his widow, Nuria Gonzalez: “The third of his legitimate interest would have been left only to his two youngest children, Iván and Alma, the result of his marriage to Nuria, because he believes that the rest have mistreated him psychologically,” they explained in YAS. “The freely available property is left to Nuria and the third of the improvement is left to the minor children, but the usufruct is given to Nuria. That is, the widow receives two-thirds of the inheritance while she is alive. The Puerta house del Hierro donated it to his wife, but the older children are going to try to put it into the inheritance, so that everything is recalculated together and the house is not left as external.” In any case, Nuria González would only have the house 'insured' but not what is inside, objects of very high value such as works by Picasso and

The fight is expected to be long and tedious, because the law only allows disinheritance in extreme cases: “If psychological abuse was mentioned, it must be proven,” they say. The children are going all out, but Nuria González is ready for war: “They tell me that there are witnesses of the children's mistreatment of the father and that there may even be videos”Pilar Vidal has stated.