The discomfort of Felipe VI and Letizia during their stay in Denmark: “The queen thought that they could be making fools of themselves”

A week after learning of the meeting between Genoveva Casanova y Frederick of Denmarknew information about the scandal reveals not only how the protagonists are experiencing the consequences of their intimate walk through Madrid, but also how the commotion affected the Royal House. The Kings Felipe VI y Joy They were in Copenhagen when Readings He published the photographs of the businesswoman and the prince, something that left his visit in the background.

This is how He tells it Digital Confidentialwhich, after consulting sources close to the Spanish Royal Family, comments that “several members of Zarzuela were tense and the Kings were very aware of the repercussions they could have”, because “in Denmark nothing else was talked about during those days”.

It must be taken into account that, in addition to a certain tension between Mary Donaldson and Federico of Denmark due to the commotion that the photographs generated a few hours before starting their agenda with the Kings, the mysterious meeting between the prince and the Mexican woman took place in Madrid. . Everything was in Spain, and Spain was at that moment before his eyes. “The queen even thought that they might be making a fool of themselves with that trip,” they explain from the aforementioned medium.

“Queen Letizia is very direct and discreet, but If there’s something you don’t like, it’s scandals.; and even less that have to do with infidelities,” they add, since what happened last week “is a situation very similar to what happened with Juan Carlos I and he hates that.”

During the stay of Felipe VI and Letizia in Denmark, the princes of the Scandinavian country They were smiling and calm facing the gallery. They turned -apparently- a deaf ear to the media commotion and preferred to stick to their agenda to make the two days they spent with the Kings, from November 6 to 8, easier. Donaldson was, in fact, very close to Letizia at all times.

The four of them showed that the plans set for those two almost endless days were going as planned, oblivious to the conversations that the rest of the world was having about the prince and his ex-wife. Cayetano Martínez de Irujo. Likewise, some images of the meeting showed a certain anger on the part of the queen, always so expressive. There was a lot of talk, for example, about the images of their first dinner together, in which the Spanish monarch observed with evident seriousness her husband and Mary Donaldson, who laughed for a while during the evening.

For her part, faced with the silence that reigns in Denmark, Genoveva Casanova insists that The only relationship he has with the prince is “friendship.” Last weekend she flew to London, where she remains out of the spotlight and finds refuge in her children.