The director of the Thai prison where Daniel Sancho is is speaking: “He has no bed and they have cut his hair”

After confess to the murder and dismemberment of Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta in Thailand, the son of Rodolfo Sancho He went to court and was transferred to Koh Samui prison this Monday under provisional detention awaiting trial.

as we collectedThai police believe they have “sufficient evidence” to charge daniel sancho of “premeditated murder”, as confirmed Somsak Nurodchief of investigation of the Koh Pha Ngan police station a AFP. Said crime can be punished in the country with capital punishment.

The Koh Samui prison, known as The Great Tiger, houses 7,000 prisoners despite having a capacity of 3,500. This Wednesday, its director has spoken to Telecinco and has said that he has seen daniel sancho “highly strung”. “He has to assimilate his new situation,” he adds.

the grandson of Sancho Grace He shares a cell “with five people” and does not have a bed, since what prisoners can have to sleep on are “mats.” Sancho is “cared for” by a nurse from the center and has asked them for a type of vitamin to get him through his first days in jail. In addition, the prison director has revealed that when he entered “they cut his hair.” Daniel boasted of long blonde hair.

This is the Koh Samui prison

As two former inmates who served time in said prison have explained, at 6 am the guards blow their whistle and everyone must get up for the count: there is only one bathroom for every 45 prisoners and they have 45 minutes to clean up before counting.

At 8 am the national anthem is played and Buddhist prayers are held. Afterwards, the prisoners must put on their uniform: blue for the convicted, brown for those who are in pretrial detention, like Sancho. Thirty minutes later, the first meal: “Nasty rice and smelly broth. The bowls are distributed among the tables and it’s a matter of sitting down and choosing one.” At 11 in the morning the second count and the second meal take place: rice and chicken bones.

At noon it’s gym and shower time. The first consists of some concrete blocks on a metal bar and some bottles of water filled with sand. The second is carried out by whistles: one to get wet, two to soap up and three to rinse. From 17 to 21, they have access to television, controlled by the guards, so only Thai programs can be seen. At 9:01 p.m., everyone goes back to their cells. The light never goes out.

awaiting trial

Daniel must remain in isolation for 10 days due to the Anti-Covid protocol and during this time only his lawyer will be able to visit him in prison, as we have said. From then on he will be able to receive a 20-minute visit a week, and will also be entitled to one phone call a week. His parents, Rodolfo and Silviathey are already in Thailand to be close to their son.

“I killed him, but I was his hostage. He had me in a glass cage, but it was a cage. I was desperate,” the young chef was reported to have told police during interrogation this weekend. According to his version, published by the Thai press, Edwin wanted to have sex with him and, when he refused, he threatened to publish some intimate photographs to cause a scandal in Spain and sink the reputation of his family. Sancho would have killed Edwin with two punches and an hour later, he would have dismembered his body “into 14 pieces” that he divided between the sea and various garbage dumps.