The difference Between eSports & V-sports

Betting on sports at non GamStop bookmakers at is fun. It makes sports games more exciting, and it’s a nice way to earn some extra money so you can treat yourself to something nice. But what if there is no sport to bet on? In the first corona period, many, if not all, sports competitions were cut short.

Many sports betting enthusiasts have turned to online gambling at non GamStop bookmakers. There were sports there, but virtual! In this article we will tell you more about so-called “virtual sports betting” and explain the difference between eSports and “V-sports” once and for all.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are online simulations of real competitions such as football, baseball, and basketball, but horse racing also has many virtual options.

The strength of the virtual version of the real-life sport lies in the quality of the developer. There are virtual sports in which the developer creates a game completely independently. It runs simulations or competitions. Creators estimate the strength of the teams based on available statistics. The purpose of this software is to simulate interesting matches for betting.

Betting on virtual football at non GamStop bookmakers works almost the same as betting on real football matches. You bet on the result of a match, whether both teams will score, and on under/over bets on the number of goals. You also bet with handicaps. You can bet on the first goal, the first corner, the total number of corners, and so on. You can follow these virtual matches on your computer or smartphone.

Cooperation With Sports Competitions

There are also game developers who go a step further. They enter into partnerships with sports leagues to create software that is indistinguishable from the real thing. The majority of providers are not allowed to use players’ real names due to image rights and other commercial interests. They often make up names that are somewhat similar.

Developers who enter into a partnership with a sports association or similar buy off the portrait rights. As a result, they are allowed to use the real images and real names of the athletes. This improves the experience of the game. Just as you want to be entertained by an online slot, you also want to be entertained by a virtual sports simulation.

The development in which sports associations and sports clubs are actively participating in virtual sports cannot, of course, be seen separately from the realization that considerable extra money can be earned online from non GamStop bookmakers. Not only are the clubs embracing e-sports, but v-sports can also count on increasing support. That is because in virtual sports, you can earn a lot of extra money thanks to sports betting at non GamStop betting sites.

A club brand name is a commodity for which parties who want to use it are willing to pay. Ultimately, a software developer expects to earn back that investment through the amount of players who want to play or gamble on the game. This makes the quality of the games and simulations even more realistic, and that makes gambling on them even more interesting.

The Value of Data

If a developer of virtual sports software cooperates with a sports association, this has other advantages. The developer has access to much more data to estimate the power ratio between teams in a competition. A good example of this is the provider Betradar. They analyze hundreds of match data to approach the strength of a sports team as precisely as possible. This makes their software extremely realistic.

Betradar develops software that allows online casinos to simulate matches. Sometimes these matches have the same length as a real sports match would last, sometimes, the matches are sped up. These simulations have results. These results are stored in the software and included in the next simulation of a match.

In other words, an online sports team gets better or worse as more matches are simulated.

Non GamStop casinos like to offer virtual sports in addition to games such as roulette, poker, and craps. It is just as fashionable to bet on virtual sports as it is to play on online slots. However, not every sportsbook is the same. The way in which you successfully bet on virtual sports largely depends on the software that the casino offers you. We understand that it is difficult to pass judgment on this.

Assess the Quality of Virtual Sports Software 

Just as there are many developers of online slots at non GamStop casinos, there are also many developers of virtual sports apps. Choosing the best from a list of providers is difficult, especially since they all claim to have the best software on the internet.

Our criteria for whether or not to gamble on certain simulation software are based on legitimacy. Some software has fictitious names and often plays the same game back to back. That can affect the strength of a team.

We choose software with the names of real players and real clubs. We opt for simulations that are graphically so detailed that the images on our screen can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Finally, we choose games where the length of the match is not shortened.

It goes without saying that we only play in online casinos that have the permit in order.

Betting on eSports

In addition to betting on simulations of real matches, you can also bet on e-Sports. E-Sport matches are played on a game computer. Real people, gamers, run the teams. The computer, therefore, does not simulate the matches. That is the biggest difference between e-sports and v-sports.

Betting on e-sports means betting on the gamer who plays the game best

As a sports bettor, you bet on the performance of the e-athlete. You can’t always bet on esports. This is because e-sports are tournaments and competitions that are organized in the offline world. You bet on standard bets like 1X2, BTTS, under/over, and more.