The details about the secret wedding of Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar: where and how they broke the big news

17 years after signing his divorceJulián Muñoz y Mayte Zaldivar They secretly married on January 30 in a notary office in Marbella, as revealed by José Antonio León in Friday! with the wedding certificate in hand. 24 hours after revolutionizing the world of social chronicle, the details about the secret relationship between Mayte and the former mayor of Marbella have come to light.

The wedding took place last Sunday in a restaurant in Marbella, as revealed this Saturday in Fiesta. Rappel was one of the guests and did not know the reason for the appointment. “Rappel tells me that when he arrives at that meal with Mayte and Julián in Marbella he is surprised because there are 15 people there. At the meal were Julián, Mayte, Fernando, Julián and Mayte’s daughters and the grandchildren.“, they have stated.

With their family and closest friends gathered, Mayte and Julián revealed the reason for the meeting. “We are here, we want to eat with you. We are happy because we have gotten married“, revealed the ex of Isabel Pantoja and Zaldívar, as indicated by the aforementioned space.

The bombshells about Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar do not end here, since the couple already lives under the same roof. “They are living together, in the same building, and Fernando lives next door too.“, they have assured.

Mayte and Julián signed their divorce in 2007 and it was, of course, not a kind separation. Julian Muñoz He had left everything, his wife and his daughters, for Isabel Pantojay Mayte Zaldivar A media tour was marked with which he left no stone unturned. Life takes many turns and now, 17 years after that bitter period for both of them, they walk arm in arm through the streets of Marbella, where they have become family again.