The desperation of the new owner of the Fuengirola apartment that Isabel Pantoja has sold: “He thinks he's Michael Jackson”

The new owner of the attic Isabel Pantoja He has sold in Fuengirola and has told how he experienced the negotiations with the tonadillera and her brother Agustin. He assures that, when she arrived at the house, she found it completely robbed, as has been commented in recent days, and that she had to be “patient” to agree to the sale of the property. According to him, the singer thinks she is “Michael Jackson.”

“We only talked about how he was going to take the furniture, but not even the closet doors. “He has taken everything, he has only left the apartment.”, noted the buyer in Telecinco, admitting that reaching an agreement “has not been an easy thing at all.” Furthermore, he has said that, after seeing the state of the attic, he called Agustín, who responded: “You told me you were going to make it all new.”

The singer's home was divided into two parts and It had two bedrooms, a large living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. In January 2022, a part of this penthouse was auctioned for 126,000 euros and, almost two years later, Pantoja reached an agreement with the same buyer and sold him the other part of the penthouse for 550,000 euros. Of course, he has made sure to take good care of his belongings.

All of the Sevillian's belongings ended up in Cantora, her large warehouse. She turned her farm into a furniture storage facility. Three moving trucks. It was Agustín Pantoja who was in charge of closing the last details in this plan to decapitalize the tonadillera to reduce its debts.

The singer took the bronze sink, which she tore out as is. “Also the eight air conditioning units and 79 doors”Antonio Rossi explained, counting the doors of the rooms and closets, kitchen furniture and glass doors.