The desire for post-mortem paternity that distanced Ana Obregón from Carolina Monje

Those images of Ana Obregon y Carolina Monk at the Barcelona hospital where Aless Lequio spent his last days of life. Also the images of Ana, Carolina and Alessandro Lequio arm in arm while crying in Madrid for the loss of the young entrepreneur, who died on May 13, 2020 due to Ewing’s sarcoma that he had suffered since 2018.

However, the good relationship between the 68-year-old presenter and the young designer, who were also close during the funeral on June 30, 2020, intensified as the days passed without the son of the Italian count. Especially when the actress reiterated her wishes to make her only biological child a post-mortem father. As this Monday we revealed in InformaliaCarolina even signed a document before a notary to request the destruction of Aless’s sperm.

Years ago, shortly after Aless’s death, other discrepancies arose between the two as a result of a comment that Monje left in Ana’s post on Instagram, in which he also showed his support for Alessandro Lequio. To the protagonist of Ana and the 7For some reason, he did not like his words and he let him know in private with a thick and rude message, as this medium has been able to verify through very solvent and close sources.

Carolina, who was also going through her own grief, felt deeply hurt by the words of what was her ‘mother-in-law’. However, she let it be. Advised by her family, she understood that Ana’s insults were the result of immense pain for the loss of Aless and she did not want to light her fuse and answer what she really thought.

All this happened in 2020, after the young man died, and throughout these years the relationship has cooled down and was reduced simply to efforts related to the Aless Lequio Foundation, since Monje was willing to help financially through the sales of some of her clothes with her fashion signature. However, when the young woman announced her engagement to her new boyfriend, Álex Lopera, through her networks last December, Obregón stopped following her on Instagram. He unfollow It’s already mutual, which further demonstrates where the relationship is at.

However, Obregón continues to try to camouflage this distance with good public words towards her. This Holy Week, through the journalist Aurelio Manzano in Fiesta, assured that the relationship between the two was “good”. But the best came after this public claim, because Ana grabbed her mobile phone to write another private message to Monje. Carolina did not come out of her astonishment after receiving this text, which was much more entertaining and pleasant than the one from years ago, because Ana only had good words for her and even encouraged her to meet little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón when she returned to Spain.

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Does Ana seek Monje’s public silence with steps like this? The truth is that for the moment Carolina, very reserved with her private life just like Aless was, has remained in an exemplary background, without making any public statement in this regard and without messages on networks that can be misinterpreted in the middle of a storm. media.