The derogatory nickname that Ana Rosa's nephew has given Sonsoles Ónega: “Enanita…”

See Quintana has done his thing again this Tuesday on the program Ana Rose, TardeAR, where he reads the primer to his aunt and the space's talk show hosts. The presenter's nephew has shown to have very little filter on numerous occasions, but this time he has gone one step further by referring to Sonsoles Onega with a most derogatory nickname: “Planetary dwarf.”

“On Thursday the 14th, that is, Thursday of next week, I'm going to have Antonio Hidalgo here on Fila Zero. I say this in advance so that they can get used to the idea on the bridge and not change the channel. May the planetary dwarf, you know that she always says the same thing, stay with us, we are going to have a great time,” he commented in his talk with Ana Rosa.

Kike has used Sonsoles' physique to ridicule her and has combined the term with the Planeta, a literary award that Ónega won just a month ago. A 'nickname' that has been highly criticized on social networks: “That this man with that face allows himself the luxury of messing with another person's physique… he has them square.”