The Dembélé case gets involved

The relation of the FC Barcelona with Ousmane Dembele (25), which after being broken was taken up again since the parties launched to negotiate a much-desired renewal by Xavi Hernandezis becoming tense again in recent days.

Everything is pending a meeting that should take place next week in Barcelona in which the Barça and the agent of Dembélé, Moussa Sissokothey must see each other’s faces to definitively clarify whether the future of the Frenchman continues to be Barça or, on the contrary, he ends his culé stage when the contract he signed in 2017 expires on June 30. However, until Until that day arrives, different information and statements appear that make it evident that the versions issued by both parties do not quite fit.

A revealing detail is that while the president of Barça, Joan Laportastated on Catalunya Ràdio that Dembélé He already has Barça’s renewal offer and that the club has been waiting for his response for days, from the player’s side the reaction is strange since it is argued that they do not consider that they have received a firm offer as such from the club. Yes, exchanges of views are allowed, conversations in which specific requests have been crossed, but not offers.

The door He literally said that “Dembélé He already has our offer and will reply to us next week. We would like to have the issue resolved but we cannot force it because the contract is ending”. To which he added that “the coach and I like him and we have made a very important effort to keep him. I see it very well. There is a good personal relationship with everyone. He has come Auba, with whom they are very good friends. He has some representatives who control the situation, but I hope he stays. If not, we will strengthen that position.”

From the footballer’s side, it is not believed that the situation has gotten worse, although the information about the interest of the Barça in Raphinha (Leeds) do not quite add up, although certainly if they want to double positions it could be understood if, as it seems, the loan does not continue Adama. It is also insisted that a signing bonus for Sissoko would not be the impediment to renewal.

Meanwhile, there is also information that links Dembélé with other clubs. The last to appear on the scene has been Bayern, coinciding with the culé’s interest in Robert Lewandowski.

According to Bild, offers him a four-year contract at 18 million euros per campaign. Without forgetting that PSG have also been interested in the Frenchman for months, according to some versions in case Mbappé ends up leaving and according to others, to cover Di María’s loss. The Gallic player’s environment does not confirm these offers but does not deny them either.

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