The defense of Juan Carlos I, in a loop with immunity from Corinna’s lawsuit

The emeritus’s lawyers are in a legal loop with immunity. The lawyers have presented this Tuesday, November 8, before the United Kingdom Court of Appeals, their defense to request the inviolability of the father of Philip VIfor the events that occurred between April 2012 and 2014 in the lawsuit for alleged harassment filed by Corinna Larsen. This has been the strategy.

defense of Juan Carlos I He has grasped at straws: if the former lover of the emeritus accuses him of having been the victim of a search by the CNI, it implies that these secret services had the nature of sovereign acts and, as such, would be protected by the much-fought immunity, as published The newspaper. This episode refers to a search that the CNI, under the orders of Félix Sanz Roldán, would have carried out in the house of the German businesswoman in Monaco. Some facts that this would have described as “undercover mission”. The lawyer has argued, according to the newspaper, that supposedly such a “covert mission” proved that it was a “sovereign act.” In other words, a complete loop.

For his part, Corinna’s lawyer has underlined the fact that the emeritus would be protected by immunity only if those events had occurred in the interest of the State and not for personal interest.

At this point is this process, whose appeal resolution we will not know for another two months. In addition, everything indicates that it could be delayed at the time that Larsen assures that the episodes of harassment and espionage would have occurred not only in Monaco, but also in London and Switzerland.

The businesswoman has taken advantage of the media hype and has resorted to the strategy of synchronizing this view with the launch of her podcast series in a perfectly measured marketing and communication campaign to make an impact. In his sonorous account of his relationship with the emeritus, he has revealed: “The king returned with bags of money. He returned from his trips happy as a 5-year-old child and said that his friends had given it to him “. There will be a trial and everything points to it being held in 2023.