The decision of Prince William, devastated after his wife’s announcement: he gives up everything to be with her

Prince Guillermo He will not be at the traditional Easter Sunday service on March 31 to be with his wife and children. It is one of the first decisions that we know of the future king of England after the appearance this Friday of his wife, in a video recorded last Wednesday, where she announced that she suffers from cancer and that she is being treated with preventive chemotherapy.

Lady Di’s first-born takes a step forward. Until now, Guillermo continued with his agenda of commitments, missing on some occasions such as the funeral for Constantine of Greece, his godfather, which he did not attend because the mass coincided with the day and time in which he had to accompany his wife to the doctor to know the diagnosis in which he was informed that he had cancer, on February 27.

All in all, Harry’s older brother has put up a good show and has been seen in serious but relaxed events, although in others we have found him tense, sad or stressed, something that we now understand perfectly knowing what his son was going through. women. The daughter-in-law of King Charles III has lived through some very bitter weeks and without a doubt they have also been very difficult days for William. Added to his wife’s health problems was his father’s cancer diagnosis.

After Kate Middleton’s historic appearance this Friday, we receive news that the Prince of Wales decided, after his wife’s abdominal surgery last January, to retire for a while to be with her. But after learning of King Charles’ unexpected cancer diagnosis he had no choice but to assume his duties as British heir. Once everything has come to light, the prince has made the decision to be with his family and not attend the Easter Sunday service on March 31, one of the great traditions, with a mandatory presence for the British Royal Family.

Prince William prefers to take advantage of this holiday to be with his family. After the announcement of Kate Middleton’s cancer and taking into account that the little princes George, Charlotte and Louis are on Easter vacation, he has chosen to spend time together. They will do so at their home in Anmer Hall, near Sandringham.

Kate Middleton’s message to Prince William

“This, of course, came as a huge shock; William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family,” Kate Middleton commented in her video. The princess took advantage of her announcement from Windsor to send a message to her husband: “Having William by my side is also a great source of comfort and peace of mind. Just like the love and support you have shown me. It means a lot to both of us. “he said looking at the camera. Thanking him for being by her side in the most difficult moment of her life is nothing more than a gesture of reciprocated love that ends all speculation and slander about a crisis in the marriage or even the existence of a lover.