Javier Calvo y Javier Ambrossi have been the masters of ceremonies (along with Ana Belen) in this 38th edition of the Goya Awards, which was held this Saturday, February 10 at the Valladolid Fair. During the gala, marked by allegations against sexual violence, Macarena García's brother explained how he told his ex-girlfriend that he was homesexual.

I had a girlfriend“, Ambrossi confessed in the middle of the ceremony of the big night of Spanish cinema. While he was remembering the anecdote, Javier Calvo interrupted him with a witty: “We have all gone through that moment of confusion.”

Thus, Javier Ambrossi has revealed that he went to see the cinema Lucia and sex with the one who was his girlfriend. At the end of the film, the director of The call He admitted to his ex that he was attracted to men. “When I left the cinema I had to tell my girlfriend: 'I'm gay.' It was a very complete year“, said the actor at the Goya Awards gala.

The one who was an acting teacher at Triumph operation He has finished explaining the anecdote by sending greetings to his ex-girlfriend. “A kiss, Teresa“Ambrossi concluded under the complicit gaze of Javier Calvo.

The Javis met when Calvo was 18 years old and Ambrossi was 25. Their story began through social networks, they started talking and a beautiful friendship was forged. Years later, during a trip to Tarifa, the spark between the two arose. In 2018, during the premiere of the second season of Paquita Salasannounced that they had secretly married.