The day Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada refused to have dinner with Eva Longoria for fear of gaining weight: “With kids, babies and such”

The controversy is served. At least for Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (63), which has caused a real storm on social networks regarding his last interview. The designer, who tends to speak without mincing words, explained the reasons why she refuses to have dinner with other women, which has generated some controversy.

The dressmaker confessed in an interview with Pilar Vidal that For some time now he has refused to go out to dinner “with girls” because, according to her, it is easier to gain weight. On the other hand, her dinners with men seem healthier to her.

Pedro J. Ramírez's ex even rejected a meeting with Eva Longoria because she preferred to respect her principles. “It was a girls' dinner and I didn't go. I didn't go because I didn't. It made me sad because I would have liked to meet Eva Longoria but my criterion is that I don't want to have dinner with girls,” he declared.

The interviewee appreciated that it is becoming fashionable. “wrongly”, “dinner with girls”. It seems like a waste of time to her, although there are more reasons. “First, because you gain weight”, explained the Marchioness of Castelldosríus to Vidal, who was perplexed by these words.

“With the kids, babies and everything, and if not, I'll stay at home with a happy yogurt. I have my books…”, he added in the conversation, in which he commented that he also likes miso soup, and that he prefers to have a dish like this for dinner in the solitude of his home rather than gaining weight with friends: “I'm very sorry, Look, I love you, but no.”

These statements made it a trend this Thursday on X, a social network in which users exchanged opinions. “Please, don't be like Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. Meet for dinner with your friends, enjoy life, try to have a good relationship with food and with your body and, above all, that fun is not only related to alcohol and/or boys”, reads one of the most notable reactions.