The data that indicates the importance of Maite Oroz and Damaris in Athletic

Damaris Egurrola made public last Friday his departure from Athletic and Maite Oroz communicated it this past Monday. Two exits that had been anticipating in recent months. It seems that the first one points to Barça as their possible destination for the next season although there has also been talk of Real Madrid and PSG and the white club may be the destination of the second. The Madrid that will come out next season with its name in the Iberdrola League after taking the rights to the Tacon.

“I have decided to undertake a new challenge. And I want to do it with all the strength and energy in the world, because if I have learned anything, it is to fight for my dreams. I have given everything I had inside and I have defended this shield where I have played. I have put all my delivery into the day to day and I hope I have given the club a small part of what Athletic has given me, “said Navarrese on his Twitter account.

For his part, Damaris did the same last Friday. “The time has come for the new challenges that I have always dreamed of and that I face with great enthusiasm,” he also said on social media.

Two casualties undoubtedly very important in the project he will lead Angel Villacampa the next season. So much so that Oroz and Damaris They are the footballers in the first squad who have played the most minutes this season, which ended prematurely. Navarra leads the ranking with 1,796 minutes played after having played the 21 Iberdrola League games as a starter. It has only been replaced in four of them. Maite Oroz he has spent five seasons in the rojiblanco first team, with 116 games and 9 goals.

For his part, Damaris Egurrola it is the second in minutes played (1,670). The footballer born in Orlando (United States) has played 20 games, also all from the beginning and has left the field of play in five of them. This season he has scored two goals. He also celebrates his fifth season at Athletic, with 113 games under his belt.

Angel Villacampa, who has renewed his commitment for one more season, until June 30, 2021, will have to rebuild his core to cover two very important losses.