The Danish press mocked Genoveva Casanova with a bizarre invitation to the coronation of Frederick of Denmark

The ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo continues in the eye of the hurricane after being caught last October on a date for two with the then Prince Frederick of Denmark. She took refuge from the storm abroad but not even her 'disappearance' managed to stop people talking about her, neither in Spain nor in the Scandinavian country. In fact, the Danish media were in the mood for gossip, so they prepared a personalized invitation to the new king's coronation and sent it to the Mexican woman.

This writing, by Extra Magazineoffered her the opportunity to participate in the event: “Dear Genevieve, despite being a good friend of our crown prince, it has been difficult for us to get in touch with you lately. We would just like to make sure that you have heard the great news: Sunday Frederick will be crowned King of Denmark. If he hasn't invited you to the big event yet, we want the opportunity to do so. Come to Copenhagen or rather, come back […]. We hope you want to intervene.”began the letter that the philosopher received.

“In the inconceivable case that you are not offered to stay in one of the many rooms in the palaces and castles of the Danish Royal House, we will find you a place to spend the night. We will also organize your transfer to the airport, but we cannot guarantee that it will be an Embassy vehicle,” he concluded sarcastically.

Genoveva Casanova's hints

They claim that the former favorite daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba received the invitation but did not even respond. He did drop his intentions about his future one day after the crown prince's coronation through his social networks: “I want a great life. I want to experience everything. I want to break all the rules that exist. They say that ambition may be a unattractive trait in a woman, but do you know what is really unattractive? Waiting for something to happen. Looking out the window thinking that the life you should be living is out there somewhere. Not being willing to open the door and go to look for it, even if someone tells you that you can't,” says the video that the actress shared.

This Thursday, besides, Genoveva Casanova has sent a message after the rumors that pointed to his delicate state of health: “I am trying to disconnect,” he noted on the Sonsoles program. They assure that the situation has taken its toll on her and has diminished her health, already complicated after suffering a pulmonary embolism last summer: “She is very delicate, they are doing tests,” they comment from those around her, who are very concerned about the well-being of the patient. Mexican.