The Danish press echoes the unprecedented friendship between Prince Frederick and Genevieve: “Wild rumours”, “nothing official”

The new friendship between Frederick of Denmark, crown prince, and Genevieve Casanova has shaken the foundations of Queen Margaret’s house. The photographs of the Mexican, formerly of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, and the royal, husband of Mary Donaldson, walking through the streets of Madrid at midnight have caused a great impact. It’s the cover of the magazine Readings. The photo that attracts the most attention, the heir leaving her apartment the next morning, pulling a trolley. It is information from the magazine, which has reached Denmark. The local press, which is covering the state trip of Felipe VI and Letizia, invited by Margarita, has thus picked up on this media friendship.

“Wild Rumors”, headlines BT Metro. The digital tabloid publishes that some Spanish media “link Crown Prince Federico with a Mexican woman (Genoveva), who threatens to take legal action.” Cite information from Readings which assures that “the Danish crown prince enjoyed an evening in Madrid last week with the woman, with whom, according to the media, he also spent the night.” The diary concludes with Genoveva’s words that she declared to Hola: “I categorically deny statements suggesting a romantic relationship between Crown Prince Frederick and me.”

He Extra Magazine title: “Nothing official.” He emphasizes that Federico “had no official business in Madrid when he met with Genoveva Casanova”; and slips that, according to the magazine, there would be “a romance between the Danish prince and the Mexican woman”, who, by the way, turns 47 this November 8. The Danish media emphasizes that, after having seen the photos, there is “physical contact” in none of them. However, he emphasizes one fact: “It is not clear what Federico was doing in the Spanish capital two weeks ago.” On October 23, the prince was in Copenhagen attending to his official agenda, which coincided with the resignation of Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen. Between that day and October 28, when he went to a concert in Paris, he traveled to Madrid.