The Danes, devoted to their Princess Mary: Federico’s wife reappears in red, the color of resistance

Stoic smile and good face. It is the gestural language of Mary from Denmark at public events after photos of her husband came to light, the heir Federico, with Genoveva Casanova walking through Madrid. Priceless image of Queen Margaret’s son pulling the trolly, disoriented and alone in the center of the capital. The report has gone around the planet (and I’m sure several times). Therefore, Mary’s discretion sets her entire agenda. On this occasion, she chose a velvet dress to attend an event at Copenhagen City Hall that took place this Tuesday night, the 21st.

The princess dressed in red, the color of strength, power, empowerment, bravery, and also, resistance. Mary showed her desire for prominence with this dark red, which also symbolizes love and passion. She was at the gala on the occasion of the official visit of the Vice President of Vietnam, Vo Thi Ánh Xuân, to Denmark. The reception was held at the town hall. Federico’s wife acted as hostess with her Vietnamese guests.

The Danes are dedicated to their princess. From the networks they show her support at this “devastating and unpleasant” moment for the family. Furthermore, they highlight that Mary’s family is far away in her native Australia, and that most of the people around him, such as friends, are part of Federico’s circle. A great reflection on the loneliness that accompanies the Australian lawyer. Some Danish supporters are urging the heir to explain himself. “He doesn’t have to do it for the Danes, but for his wife and children.”