The ‘Cuéntame’ trial: Imanol Arias reaches an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office before the trial and Ana Duato faces 32 years in prison

The National Court is holding the trial for the ‘Nummaria case’ starting this Tuesday, June 4. The protagonists of Tell me how it happened They are in the spotlight for alleged crimes against the Public Treasury. Imanol Arias has reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office before the trial and Ana Duato has refused to agree.

In his agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, Arias assumes the commission of tax crimes and the payment of the tax debt in exchange for avoiding the request for a 27-year prison sentence made by Anti-Corruption. Duato, for his part, has rejected the pact and faces a request for 32 years in prison from Anti-Corruption.

For the person responsible for Nummaria, lawyer Fernando Peña, the Prosecutor’s Office demands the highest penalty (298 years in prison), accused of leading the criminal organization with which the fraud was committed.

According to a provisional calendar drawn up by the court, the oral hearing is expected to last until September for approximately 24 sessions.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Nummaria allegedly created a structure for Arias that allowed him to hide part of his income from the treasury, mainly from his participation in the television series Tell me how it happened. According to the Anti-Corruption document, the contributions allegedly defrauded from his personal income tax would amount to 2.7 million euros. For this reason, the actor was charged with a total of six crimes against the Public Treasury, all of them referring to the payment of personal income tax for the years between 2010 and 2015, both inclusive.

For his part, according to the Prosecutor’s Office document, Duato defrauded the Treasury of 1.9 million euros, and he is charged with seven tax crimes also related to personal income tax. In his case in two periods: 2010-2012, and the one between 2014 and 2017.

As for the ‘brain’ of the scheme, Fernando Peña, who allegedly defrauded 15.7 million euros, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of 68 crimes for which he is asked for 298 years and 9 months in prison. Among these crimes are criminal organization, procedural fraud, a crime of falsifying a commercial document, two crimes of insolvency and dozens against the Public Treasury.