The Cuban who gave birth to Ana Obregón’s granddaughter: “It is not the first time that she has been forced to resort to surrogacy”

The surrogate mother of the daughter of Ana Obregon competes in the newsstands this Wednesday with the actress: one offers on the cover of Hola an exclusive while the Cuban who gave birth to little Ain Lechia appears to public opinion (we don’t know if he wants to or not) from the cover of Lectures.

Of Cuban origin, she lives in a humble apartment in Florida, 20 minutes from the hospital where she gave birth to Ana Sandra Lequio, Aless’s daughter. Resides in the Hollywood district, relatively close to the pediatric center Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. This woman, whose identity responds to the initials YEVP, carried in her womb for nine months the granddaughter of Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio in exchange for an amount of money agreed by contract, probably much less than the value of the exclusive in which the other mother, the legal one, the grandmother, counts almost everything.

Ana Obregón has confessed that she does not even know if the girl arrived by natural birth or by caesarean section. “I have no idea, I didn’t dare go in,” she says, commenting that for her the girl is “a blessing from heaven.” We are very afraid that for this pregnant mother she did not exactly come from heaven.

Ana Obregón (68 years old) asked the American justice system to recognize her as the mother of the baby that the woman of Cuban origin in the photographs was going to gestate. Lecturas de ella takes her to the cover and offers on the inside pages the daily life of this woman who It is not the first time that she has been forced to resort to surrogacy.

Ana Obregón, for her part, continues to live in Miami with her granddaughter. The presenter appeared a week ago with the little girl in her arms at the exit of the hospital. Since then, she was silent. It was not until this Tuesday when Ana confirmed the news: her little girl, Ana Sandra, is the daughter of Aless Lequio. A bombshell that revolutionized, once again, social networks. Ana becomes a grandmother.

Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón was born on March 20, in a Miami hospital, three weeks earlier than expected. She is in good health and weighed three and a half kilos. Obregón says that she is a “very good girl, eater, sleepy and calm.”