The crystal clear message from Pedro Sánchez to his former friend Rubiales: “Machismo has its hours numbered”

“There is still a lot to do (for equality) and we are going to do it together. As much as it resists, machismo has its hours numbered,” said Pedro Sánchez, acting president on the storm of the Rubiales case. It took place at a press conference that took place this Monday, September 4, at the Ateneo de Madrid.

Sánchez has insisted on his criticism last Saturday at a PSOE event in Malaga of Rubiales, who was suspended from his post after kissing the player Jenni Hernández at the celebrations of Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup.

He has focused on the “huge reaction of Spanish society”, which has said “it’s over” with all the consequences, “starting with the person responsible for some abuses that do not represent us and embarrass the majority of Spaniards and Spanish”, has settled with an eye on Rubiales.

It is the new reaction of the PSOE leader, who comes after an act in Malaga this weekend where he said: “The Spain Brand is the exemplary reaction of the national team players and the spectacular reaction of Spanish society that has said together to them ‘it’s over'”.

In addition, the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has requested the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) the precautionary suspension of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) considering that his conduct and gestures in the Women’s World Cup ” is affecting the image of Spanish sport and Spain” and puts the 2030 World Cup candidacy at risk, as published The country.