The countdown of Gerard Piqué to be able to see his children the ten days of April in Miami that correspond to him

The month of April is already running short for Gerard Piqué. She has ten days a month in Miami, and during vacations where she sees fit, to see Milan y Sashathe children he has in common with Shakira and that since April 2 they have established their residence in a large city in the US state of Florida, where they live with their mother. Almost half a month has passed and the former athlete has not yet taken advantage of the terms of the separation agreement to enjoy his children.

This is what is established by the lawyers of both parents, as published The vanguard, which they have negotiated until establishing that Shakira will have 70% custody of the minors, since most of the time they will be with her, and Piqué the remaining 30%. This percentage will be fulfilled while, in effect, he spends those ten days a month that correspond to him in the North American city.

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The lawyers also have to determine when Piqué’s first visit to his little ones will take place this month of April, in order to be with them on the days that correspond to him. And they will have to hurry because the month advances. This first trip can be repeated every month until the children’s summer school holidays arrive, which they can take advantage of to return to Spain and also be with their paternal grandparents and other family members.

Due to the fact that the rupture of the 10-year relationship between Shakira and Piqué has been very tense and unfriendly, and that the months after it have only made the confrontation worse, after the relationship that Gerard had with Gerard was made public. another woman, the young worker of his company Clara ChiaIt is the lawyers for both who must negotiate every minute and every euro that has to do with the children of the Colombian and the former soccer player.

It doesn’t help much how they keep showing their disagreements in public. The last confrontation was carried out by Piqué the same day that his children flew to Miami. In an interview with the streamer Gerard Morenoreferred to Shakira as “the other” and responded to the taunts that the one from Barranquilla has launched at her through her latest musical hits and social networks.

“Throw zascas, which is very good and it’s fashionable, but we don’t think about the consequences it can have on a mental level in the people to whom you throw the beef. It looks very good in a personal capacity and, oh, the whore loves, but we don’t think about the other person. What has to happen? Someone commit suicide to think after we’ve gone too far?” Piqué complained bitterly, showing how upset he is by the accusation made by his ex.

Shakira has gotten away with it and finally has her little ones and their parents, now older, in her mansion in the city of the canals in the south of the USA, who have suffered several health setbacks in the last year and have stopped the Colombian when it comes to leaving Barcelona as soon as possible.