The Conmebol sees Colombia “more than ready” to organize the Women's World Cup

The Conmebol considers than Colombia is “more than ready” to beat this thursday to Australia and New Zealand in the bid for the venue of the 2023 Women's Soccer World Cup, which has not yet been played on South American territory.

“Colombia is the ideal place for the Women's Football Write great stories with more protagonists. The first Women's World Cup will bring development to Colombia and the entire region, “he said in the Paraguayan Alejandro Domínguez, president of the Conmebol.

The candidacy It was also defended by the director of National Team Competitions of the organism, Hugo Figueredo. “Colombia is a country that is trained, ready and has vast experience for host a tournament of this size“Figueredo expressed. He gave as an example the celebration of the America's Cup 2001, which, according to the sports leader, “was quite a success, ending with Colombia lifting their first continental trophy. “

Figueredo also pointed out that the election of Colombia would be a award for his pioneering work in the professionalization of women's football, and at the same time an incentive for the continent. “South America needs its first Women's World Cup to catapult and definitely empower women within the king sport, “he added.