The concern of Infanta Cristina after the courtship of Irene Urdangarin and Juan Urquijo was revealed

Irene Urdangarin She has a boyfriend, and he is not just any guy: she is in love with Juan Urquijo, her third cousin. The news of her was made known Hola this Wednesday by publishing some photographs of both young people and stating that their relatives approve of their courtship. But the truth is that, given the repercussion that this matter generates, Infanta Cristina does have some fears.

The romance between Irene, 18, and Juan, 25, was addressed this Thursday in Public mirrorwhere Susanna Griso has cleared up one of the big doubts that revolved around this relationship: the true opinion of the ex-wife of Iñaki Urdangarin.

“What I understand is that she has no problem with the relationship, what she doesn’t want is for her daughter to be on the cover every time she has a boyfriend. She wants to preserve her because she is very young. “She doesn’t want the same thing that happened to Victoria to happen to her, the future that she has designed for her daughter has nothing to do with Victoria’s future influencer (Federica),” she commented.

From the Atresmedia space they have reported that Irene is “overwhelmed” because of the commotion that the photographs have caused, although he has the support of his family. In fact, her mother tried to stop the publication of the snapshots, ensuring that one of them did not see the light of day. It is speculated that her daughter appeared kissing Urquijo.

Infanta Cristina’s intervention on the report

In this sense, Pilar Vidal has pointed out that the magazine tried to “relax the information and the report a little”, because the young woman “is 18 and a half years old” and “has not had an easy childhood because of her father,” like the rest of her brothers, Pablo, Juan Valentín and Miguel. Luckily, the youngest of the family is free from media pressure in Cambodia, where she has been participating in volunteer work for a few months.

The program has explained that, as has been seen in recent months, the Spanish royalty has very good relations with the Urquijo. “It’s a family that the house really likes”commented the presenter, as it is worth remembering that Juan’s sister, Teresa, married the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, last week in a ceremony that brought together a good part of the royal family.

Juan Urquijo, present at the wedding, was already linked to Victoria Federica de Marichalar some time ago, although this theory was discarded when it was confirmed that they were cousins. However, taking into account the ties that have emerged in the Bourbon dynasty, endogamy does not seem to matter much to this family, as specialized sources explain to Informalia. In this case, Irene’s grandfather, Don Juan Carlos, is the first cousin of Juan’s grandmother, Teresa of Borbón-Two Sicilias.