The companions of the lady cadet Leonor, always very attentive to their princess

He entered the General Military Academy of Zaragoza two months ago. He joined the I Cadet Battalion and spent the training period. Leonor has starred in the presentation of sabers and has sworn the flag, the most transcendental act of her professional life. Her colleagues are watching over her as seen in this image published on TikTok.

In these weeks we have seen them on night and day marches, topographical tours, water rescues and shooting exercises with the 3.3 kilo shoulder-held HK assault rifle. It was the period of basic military training. Then came the individual training of the combatant with military moral training and knowledge of weapons.

The Princess wore the grancé red beret, the same one she wore to the October 12 parade. Leonor usually holds her hair in a low polished bun tied up in a braid with hairpins of the same color as her hair. Among colleagues, everyone takes care of each other. In fact, in La General, camaraderie is one of the “core values”according to the director of the academy, Francisco José Gómez Ramos. They create – he said in the welcome letter – “bonds that will accompany you forever.”