The COE brings together its group of sustainability experts for the 2030 World Cup


The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) met on Wednesday at its headquarters the group of experts that works together with the organization to define the sustainability strategy that will be carried out during the 2030 World Cup to be held in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

During the meeting, coordinated by Manuel Parga, director of Marketing, Sustainability and HR of the COE and coordinator of the team of sustainability experts for the World Cup, “the key aspects of the sustainability strategy for the World Cup event” were shared.

“The objective of this strategy revolves around the idea of ​​proposing an edition of the World Cup that is a benchmark in social and environmental sustainability for future sporting events in general and FIFA World Cups in particular,” said the COE.

Among the experts are Concha Iglesias, Juan Antonio Jiménez Corpa, Alberto Barrena, Blanca Perales and Natalia Herrera, members of Deloitte, an expert consulting entity in sustainability and partner of the Olympic Program of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and five experts in sustainability matters. sustainability such as Julio Andrade, general director of CIFAL UNITAR and responsible for Education and Legacy; Victoria Pereda, responsible for Life Cycle Analysis; Paula Pérez, responsible for Water; Professor Carlos Duarte, responsible for Biodiversity and Blue Carbon; and Antonio Lucio, responsible for offering the global vision of the COE Sustainability Commission.

The general secretary of the COE, Victoria Cabezas, was also present at the meeting, in charge of leading, together with the president, Alejandro Blanco, the sustainability team of the Olympic entity.